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The Fusion of Gotenks

Yes, Yes, Yes, I feel great!! I can do this, I can win, Yes!!

Young Super Saiyan Goten and Trunks doing the Fusion dance

Fusion:(few-shun) n. The act of combining; merging. The fused warriors created were: Piccolo, Gogeta, Gotenks, Vegetto, and Kibitokai. This is a form that is reached when two fighters fuse together in one body to create one powerful warrior with the amount of strength of both of those fighters put together. This can be done by either the Namekian method (only used by Namekians), the Fusion dance, or by wearing the Potarra earrings given from the Supreme Kai.

The Fusion Dance: Gogeta and Gotenks were the fused warriors created with the Fusion dance. For a successful fusion, two characters of about the same race, species, height, weight, and power level like young Trunks and Goten, or Vegeta and Goku must do a complicated dance. If there are no errors, they "fuse" and become a single being of extravagant power. This being has a combination of both personalities with the most powerful usually being the most dominant. Should the dance not be performed correctly, the being will be extremely weak. The Fusion Dance form of fusion only lasts for exactly 30 minutes, so after this time period the two fighters de-fuse into their own two original beings. This may seem like a terrible drawback to using this kind of fusion, but take note that the fused warrior possesses more than remarkable strenth and speed which would make it fairly easy for them to beat most anybody in a fraction of that time. Also note that the higher the energy level of a warrior after using this kind of fusion, the less time the fusion will last. In Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta's case, the fusion lasted only about 8 minutes because of the incredibly high power level he was at.

Fusion with the Potarra Earrings: The fusion technique of choice for Supreme Kais, this technique is allegedly hundreds of times better than the Fusion Dance. The two fighters that wish to fuse must each wear an earring. They also must have it on the opposite ear of the other fighter. After this is done, they can fuse into one being. (Which in perspective causes the final being to have 2 earrings on). This fusion is meant to be permanent, but unexpected conditions can cause the break-up of the two fusers. An example of this is in the Majin Buu Saga, when Vegeta and Goku put on the earrings to make the fused warrior Vegitto. This fusion was supposed to be permanent, but when they went into Buu's stomach after they had been absorbed by Super Buu the fusion wore off because the laws of physics differ inside Buu. Vegitto was the only fused warrior created with the Potarra earings, besides Kibitokai (Who was created by the fusion of the Supreme Kai and Kibito). The Old Kai who first had the Potarra earrings was also produced a result from this kind of fusion.

Namekian Fusion: There is also a form of Namekian Fusion that can be done only by Nameks. No special objects or performances are needed for this type of fusion. The fuser just has to place his hand on the Namekian that he wishes to fuse with and they just merge into one. There are no set time periods for this type of fusion, but the two fighers can de-fuse at any point in time after fusion. However, to do this it takes much training and meditation in order to accomplish the total separation. The only two times I have ever seen this sort of fusion done is in the Frieza Saga when Nail and Piccolo fused to fight Frieza, and in the beginning of the Imperfect Cell Saga when Piccolo and Kami fused back together into one being to battle Cell. Although his appearance didn't change like in the other fusions, he did take on a more honest personality and and incredible amount of extra power, thus becoming a "Super Namekian". Also, don't forget Piccolo is the reincarnation of Kami's cast off evil side, they were always linked by mind and body, and were once the same being.

Absorption: Technically, this is not real fusion. In fusion, both parties must be willing participants, in the case of absorption however, only one party must desire to join bodies. The best example of this would be Majin Buu in DBZ. He split into good and bad halves, then the evil Buu absorbed the good one transforming the whole into Super Buu and adding a great deal to his power and it also gave him the ability to sense Ki(Ki means spirit energy or life force in case you didn't know). In this state Majin Buu could now absorb whomever he pleased. This is how it went... Super Buu absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo and recieved all their power, and knowledge of their techniques, and also all of their battle experience in the process. His clothes also somewhat modified to look like he was a fused warrior wearing a "fusion" vest. Buu then absorbed Mystic Gohan and all of Gohan's power and knowledge transferred into Buu making him stronger and faster yet again. His clothes were also changed again to look like the clothes Mystic Gohan was just wearing. During the new and improved Buu's fight w/ Veggito, Veggito got absorbed by Buu on purpose while putting up an enegry barrier so he could get inside Buu's anatomy and search for the others that Buu had previously absorbed. After letting down the barrier inside Buu's stomach, the fused warrior Veggito split back into Goku and Vegeta. They eventually found the others unconscious inside pods connected to Majin Buu's insides. Vegeta ripped out the pod of the earlier fat and jolly Majin Buu after they cut down everyone else. The separation of the fat and jolly Buu's pod from Majin Buu's insides sent Buu's anatomy terribly out of order, and Goku and Vegeta had to escape by flying through one of the holes in Majin Buu's head. Buu proceeded to get huge and angry like he was going to rupture, but after that he got even smaller than he was before, almost looking like a child. This final stage of Majin Buu's evolution was called Kid Buu. It was also the strongest since it was Majin Buu's original form, meaning the way he was created. Shortly after emgerging, Kid Buu blew up the Planet Earth, then battled for a while with Goku and Vegeta on the Planet of the Supreme Kai. During this fight, Mr. Satan stepped in to fight because he was the last human left alive and he thought he was just dreaming anyway. Kid Buu tried to hurt Mr. Satan, only to realize he could not because he still had the old tubby Buu inside him who was Mr. Satan's good friend and would not allow him to be harmed. Kid Buu got rid of this thorn in his side easily by just spitting out the old fat Buu like a piece of gum that lost its flavor. Then it would have been curtains for Mr. Satan, but the jolly fat Buu who was his friend woke up and battled with Kid Buu. The fat Buu was defeated by Kid Buu after he ran out of power and stamina, and he very narrowly survived that day thanks to Dende who healed him after the whole battle was over. Majin Buu however, is not the only one to use the absorption technique, several other villians also used it. Imperfect Cell absorbed many people stealing away their energy and their life, leaving only empty clothes behind. Imperfect Cell also absorbed androids #17 and #18 to reach his perfect form. In one of the DBZ movies Android #13 absorbed the components from the defeated Androids #14 and #15 to become a new mutation dubbed as Super Android #13. In DBGT the two identical Android #17s fused together with each other to become Super Android #17. I say this is an absorption for two reasons, one is because the androids are more machine than human and while they appear to be identical on the surface, they are not built internally identical to each other. The reason for this is so they both absorb the parts they need from the other to fill the gaps and flaws in their individual designs to balance everything out and become the "perfect android". Reason number two this classifies as absorption is the original Android #17, twin brother to Android #18, was never a willing participant in this fusion. It may have seemed like it, but the dark #17 was using mind control over the good #17 and in a sense, turned him evil in order to fuse. Another example of absorption in DBGT is when Syn Shenron, the Shadow Dragon representing the One Star Ball, ate all the other Dragonballs and transformed into Omega Shenron, which was basically a union of all the Shadow Dragons. Omega Shenron recieved a tremendous power increase from this, as well as the special abilities of all the other Shadow Dragons. However, bad guys aren't the only ones that use the absorption technique. During the Bebi saga of DBGT Majin Buu got blown apart by one of Bebi Vegeta's Revenge Death Balls after inhaling it with his mouth and getting super fat. Buu did this on purpose and because of his magical anatomy, instead of being destroyed by the Revenge Death Ball, it broke down his body in a way so he could then enter the body of Uub at a cellular level.(Uub is the good human version of the evil Kid Buu, he was ressurected by King Yama and sent to Earth after Goku destroyed Kid Buu on the Supreme Kai's Planet). If you didn't follow that it simply means that Uub and Majin Buu were once the same being to begin with. After Uub absorbed all that remained of the jolly Majin Buu while Uub was lying down all beaten up on the ground, all of Uub's wounds were healed and all the strength of Majin Buu was added to Uub's own, as well as most of Buu's magic powers, like the ability to turn people or things into candy.

The Fused Warrior Gotenks

The Fusion of Goku and Vegeta into Super Saiyan Gogeta

The Fusion of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

"No, you don't understand. Majin Buu is nothing. I will bring him back... dead." - Gotenks

"I am neither Piccolo, nor Kami... just a Namekian, who has long forgotten his true name." - Piccolo

"I feel.. I feel stronger than I ever thought I'd be.." - Uubbuu (Majuub)

"I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the singular instrument of your destruction.." - Super Gogeta